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Certified Real Estate Appraiser. Date of Death. Divorce.

As a certified appraiser, Rick Morris, SRA Designated Appraiser, has the know-how and qualifications to provide the level of reliable real estate value opinions that banks and national lending institutions need for mortgages. With over 25 years of experience behind him, he’s prepared to help all his customers with anything from starter homes to the most luxurious new constructions.
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Meet Southern California's Most Trusted Real Estate Appraiser and Leader In Los Angeles County.

His specialization includes date of death, stepped up cost basis, architectural homes, litigation, historical properties, estates, trust cases, divorce appraisals, retrospective appraisals, tax appraisals, and high-end, multi-million dollar homes, as well as complex appraisals.

With over 25 years of experience and holding a Bachelors Degree in Marketing And Business Administration with high honors from Illinois State University, Rick brings a wealth of expertise to every appraisal.

We Provide The Following Appraisal Services

Date of Death

As a seasoned real estate appraiser, Rick's expertise extends to providing Date of Death appraisals. This specialized service involves determining the fair market value of a property as of a specific date, usually the date of the property owner's death. These appraisals are crucial for estate settlement purposes, helping heirs and executors accurately assess property values for probate, inheritance tax, and distribution among beneficiaries.


In the realm of divorce proceedings, Rick's role as a real estate appraiser becomes essential. Divorce appraisals involve evaluating the value of marital property to facilitate equitable distribution between spouses. Whether it's the family home or other real estate assets, his thorough and impartial assessments provide a fair basis for property division, aiding in the resolution of property-related disputes during divorce proceedings.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is a comprehensive process, and property valuation plays a key role in it. Rick specializes in providing appraisals for estate planning purposes, helping individuals make informed decisions about the distribution of their assets. Accurate property valuations contribute to effective estate planning, ensuring that the wishes of the property owner are carried out seamlessly while minimizing potential conflicts among heirs.

Expert Witness

Rick offers expert witness services in legal settings. This involves providing professional testimony and expert opinions in court cases related to real estate matters. Whether it's property disputes, litigation, or other legal proceedings, Rick's expertise serves as a valuable resource for legal professionals seeking a knowledgeable and credible expert witness.


Homeownership comes with various financial considerations, and understanding the value of your property is paramount. Rick aids in homeowners appraisals, providing homeowners with accurate and up-to-date property valuations. Whether for refinancing, selling, or simply gaining insight into their property's worth, homeowners can benefit from the expertise Rick provides in determining the fair market value of their homes.


Real estate litigation often requires the input of a qualified appraiser. In litigation appraisals, Rick assesses properties involved in legal disputes, providing impartial and well-supported valuations. The real estate appraiser's role is to offer clarity on property values, assisting legal teams, and the court in making informed decisions. Whether it's a property-related dispute or eminent domain case, his litigation appraisal services contribute to a fair and just resolution.

What Our Clients Say

There are times when service is so exceptional, it warrants special recognition. I have been working with Rick Morris for over 25 years. He is knowledgeable, honest and experienced. Rick's appraisal reports are known in the industry to be very credible. His communication and follow-up are timely and with a great sense of humor.
Ed Constantian
Rick Morris is the best appraiser in town. He is knowledgable, trusting, and always available. I refer him to my trustee sales, divorce sales, foreclosures sale; truly all of my sales. Overall, I highly recommend Morris Appraisal to anyone in need of an appraiser. Rick's professionalism, expertise, and efficiency makes him standout.
Dennis Chernov
Rick, has a vast knowledge of value for the house he performed an appraisal on. He understands the improvement to the home as well as when a house price has to be adjusted. I refer to Rick to all my trust attorney clients when they need to an appraisal on a house. He is the best!
Spitz Chavez Group
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